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To make icons you'll need:

Adobe Photoshop 6  or Paint Shop Pro 7

GIF Movie Gear or IconBuilder XP 1.0

[I'd recommend Photoshop & GIF Movie Gear.
Make sure you download GIF Movie Gear for icons,  version 3.0.9]


This a tutorial is on how to make the XP folder style icons, [same as the ones I've made] but you should get the idea on how to make any type of icon from this tutorial.

1st download the Photoshop XP folder folder templates from here then open up the 48x48.psd file in Photoshop.

You'll see that the folder has 2 layers, the normal folder & the semi-transparent front part of the folder, [along with another blank layer.] All you have to do is paste the icon required between the 2 folder files.


You need to import whatever other icon you want to use into Photoshop.

Find your icon you want to import, right click on it & select Open With & select  Choose Program...  then browse to GIF Movie Gear. The next time you right click on an icon you should see GIF Movie Gear in the Open With menu.


I'm using the Windows Media Player file as an example & removed the other colour formats [256 & 16 colours] beforehand. You should have your icon [doesn't have to be this one] in GIF Movie Gear like this:


Next click on File, Export As & select Photoshop PSD... & save it as a .PSD file, [I've saved it as WMP.]

Open up the WMP.psd file in Photoshop. Make sure you're on the correct layer for the biggest media player icon & copy it [CTRL & A, then CTRL & C]. Switch to the 48x48.psd folder file & paste it [CTRL & V]. You'll now have the media player icon in the folder.


If you want to rotate the icon [as I do with some of mine] make sure you have the media player's icon selected & go to Edit, Transform & select Rotate. Enter -13 in the rotation box [or whatever it's called, see the pic below] & press Return/Enter twice. You don't have to rotate the icon, it's up to you.


Go to  Edit, Transform & select Scale. Hold down SHIFT as you resize the icon to retain the aspect ratio, or enter the size in the boxes, [I've made it 70% in the pic below.] Press Return/Enter twice.


Move the media player icon to wherever you want it, [I set mine as 1 pixel down & 1 pixel from the right.] & save the image as another name, [so you can use the 48x48 folder template again.] For example press CTRL & SHIFT & S [to Save As] & call it 48WMP.

Repeat the steps with the other icon sizes you want to make, [e.g. copy the 32x32 media player icon into the 32x32 XP folder template] until you have all the Photoshop icon sizes you want. Save each icon size as a separate file.

Then close Photoshop.


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Any questions? email me & I'll try to help.






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