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• Most of the icons on this site are 32 bit alpha blended made specifically for Windows XP & will look crappy on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000.

• Make sure your display settings are set to Highest [32 bit].

• Some of the newest icons have the 256 colour format & will look OK on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000.


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arrow [29/11/03] Downloads are back!

arrow [29/11/03] GUIReplacer is a little peice of software that can replace your system icons easily. An iCandy Junior theme is included in the software.
Check it out here.

arrow Forgot to say, I was awarded artist of the month over at Microangelo's site. Thanks to them & you can check it out here.

arrow [12/11/03] Downloads are back! [Well some of them].
Not all of the downloads still are back up here. The site still has some broken links.
This is a temporary thing while the site is remade.
Big thanks to Mister.de at http://faster.de for hosting the files :)

arrow [12/11/03] Update: The site shouldn't have to close down. The downloads still have to be disabled for a while but this should only be temporary. I need to remake the site to stop other sites hot linking & leeching the images, plus the downloads may have to be hosted elsewhere [but will still be accessible from this site].
If the site does go down it should only be temporary [if I need to move to another host].

arrow [10/11/03] Downloads on this site disabled.
Due to the amount of traffic & bandwidth used by the site the Downloads on this site have had to be disabled.
I might try to keep the site going with a lot less content/downloads etc.

arrow Most of the pages & downloads on this site have been disabled until the matter it sorted out except for:

Icon Usage
Tips & Info

[Some links on the site won't work [which I know about]. This is a temporary thing until I remake the new site].

You can still download most of my newer icon sets from Deviantart including:

iCandy Junior
XP iCandy
XP iCandy 2
XP iCandy 3.1
Urban PPL XP
CDR Software

[Click on the links above to go to each icon set on Deviantart]











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