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Please Note:

• Most of the icons on this site are 32 bit alpha blended made specifically for Windows XP & will look crappy on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000.

• Make sure your display settings are set to Highest [32 bit].

• Some of the newest icons have the 256 colour format & will look OK on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000.


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Use my existing icons in your software, on your web site etc.


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Tips & Info


If you have any other questions about icons or problems that aren't answered here don't email me, I don't know.

Using my icons on your PC
Using my icons on your web site, in your software, in a theme etc.
MobyDock, Y'z Dock etc.
PNG files


Using my icons on your PC


All icons at 48x48 & larger

You can display you’re Icons at 48x48 by right clicking on the desktop & selecting Properties, Appearance, Effects & select Use large Icons.
To see how to display your icons at 128x128 [& other larger sizes] check out this page. Don't send any questions about using them at sizes larger than 48x48. I don't know anything about it.


Changing Icons:

Here's some tips for if you've downloaded some icons & don't know what to do with them or how to change the existing icons of folders, drives, software etc.



Creating a shortcut to a folder, drive, software etc. is one of the easiest ways to change the icon. Create a shortcut, right click on it & go to Properties, make sure your on the Shortcut tab then select Change Icon & then browse to wherever you have the new icons on your PC. Select the one you want & click on OK, then OK again.



You can change most folder icons by right clicking on the one you want to change & clicking on Properties, go to the Customise tab then select Change Icon & then browse to wherever you have the new icons on your PC. Select the one you want & click on OK, then OK again.
To change any other folder that won't allow you to change it in the normal way you can use software like IconWorkshop, IconPackager or Microangelo.


File Types:

To icon file types [e.g. wav, mp3, gif, jpg] you can do it in windows without using any other software. You can also do it with software. The advantage of using software in that you can save the changes you make as a theme.
To change file types in windows open a folder [any folder] & on the menu at the top select Tools, Folder Options & select the File Types tab. Select the file type you want to change [e.g. mp3] * click on Advanced then Change Icon. Then browse to wherever you have the new icons on your PC. Select the one you want & click on OK, then OK again.
You can also use IconPackager or Icon Phile to change the file type icons & save the changes as themes.


Start Menu & Others:

Use IconWorkshop, IconPackager , or Icon Phile to change those.



You can change floppy drive, hard drive, CD drive icons using IconPackager. If you have SP1 for Windows XP installed you can use IconWorkshop. Using IconWorkshop you can change the icon more than 1 hard drive, it doesn't change the icon of every hard drive on your PC. For example, if you call one hard drive a backup drive you could just change the icon of that hard drive to the backup hard drive icon.




Record actions & use keyboard shortcuts for anything you do often in Photoshop.
Resizing icons sizes, changing opacity [transparency], rotating & resizing icons, merging/unmerging layers etc...


Converting Mac OSX icons:

To convert Mac OSX icons uncompress them using Stuffit Expander & then use IconWorkshop 5 to convert the icons to Windows .ico format.
Make sure Stuffit Expander has the cross platform settings [Edit, Options, Cross Platform] matching the pic below.

stuffit settings


GIF Movie Gear:

If your dragging a dropping quite a few icon sizes into GMG [e.g. 128x128, 72x72, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32, 24x24 & 16x16] drag & drop the largest icon size [128x128] then select all the other icon sizes in one go & drag them over to GMG.
This way you'll drag & drop twice instead of seven times.


XP Folders:

IconBuilder XP makes better XP folder icons than GIF Movie Gear
[it reproduces the shadow almost exactly the same as the original Microsoft folders].




MobyDock, Y'z Dock etc.

The dock programs use PNG files not icon files. You can convert any icon to PNG format using IconWorkshop
Don't send me any questions asking how to use or configure any of the dock programs.
I don't know anything about using them



PNG files

PNG files are image files used in the dock programs such as MobyDock , Y'z Dock , Object Dock etc.
My older icons don't have .PNG versions because most of them only go up to 48x48, so aren't suitable to use with the docks. I nearly always make 128x128 PNG versions my icons when I make new icons.
The only 128x128 icon sets that I haven't made PNG versions for are PimpeD, C.Thru, IE6 & ChromeD. You can convert those to PNG format yourself using IconWorkshop but you cannot redistribute those PNG files without my permission.



Finding Pics

If you need to find a pic to turn into an icon go to Google or AltaVista & sect the images tab.
You should be able to find what you're looking for there.



FOOOD's Icon tutorials
IconWorkshop tutorials
Other icon tutorials


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