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Please Note:

• Most of the icons on this site are 32 bit alpha blended made specifically for Windows XP & will look crappy on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000.

• Make sure your display settings are set to Highest [32 bit].

• Some of the newest icons have the 256 colour format & will look OK on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000.


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These templates are in .PSD format & with work with Photoshop.
Just insert whatever pic/converted icon you want, save it & convert the .PSD files into an icon using GIF Movie Gear.


Download  Bubble Templates




Download  XP Folder Templates

xp folders



Download  BreakOut Template



Open up the template with Photoshop
Insert your icon in the bottom layer
Press CTRL & click on the BreakOut layer to select it
Press the W key to select the wand & click in the top half of the pic
Click on the icon layer that you've just inserted
Press CTRL & I to invert the selection
Go to Select, Modify, Contract & enter 1 in the "Contract By: pixels" box
Press CTRL & X to remove the part of the icon behind the BreakOut area

[If you're making a lot make an action to automate it]



Download  Paint Shop Pro Templates

XP Folders, Bubbles [same colours as above] & Dazzla's iDent templates in .PSD format, but will work with Paint Shop Pro.
Use same as with Photoshop. Open up the templates in Paint Shop Pro, insert your icon/pic, save each icon size & then drag & drop the .PSD files into
GIF Movie Gear. Then in GIF Movie Gear go to File, Save Icon (ICO) As... & name your icon.