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• Some of the newest icons have the 256 colour format & will look OK on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000.


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Bubble Tutorial

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  Download the tutorial in Word format


To make icons you'll need:
Adobe Photoshop 6 or Paint Shop Pro 7 & GIF Movie Gear or IconBuilder XP 1.0
[I'd recommend Photoshop & GIF Movie Gear. Make sure you download GIF Movie Gear for icons, version 3.0.9]


This is a tutorial is on how to make the glass bubble style icons, [same as the ones I've made.] There are probably better/easier ways to do it, but I'm no expert. This is the way I've done it.
1st start a new picture in Photoshop, 96x96 transparent background.
Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool, hold down the SHIFT key [to make it a perfect circle] & draw a circle not quite as big as the whole image, [to allow room for the drop shadow.]



Select the Gradient Fill Tool & set it to Foreground to Background. Select your foreground colour as the darker one & your background colour as the lighter one. Then drag the cursor from top to bottom & fill.



Double click on your circle layer to select the Layer Style. Tick the Drop Shadow box & enter 3 on the Distance box & 2 in the Size box.



Then tick the Inner Glow box, make the colour the same as the darker colour of you circle [mine's black] & set the Blend Mode to Multiply & it should be looking something like the pic below [unless you've chosen different colours.]



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