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Please Note:

• Most of the icons on this site are 32 bit alpha blended made specifically for Windows XP & will look crappy on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000.

• Make sure your display settings are set to Highest [32 bit].

• Some of the newest icons have the 256 colour format & will look OK on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000.


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Use my existing icons in your software, on your web site etc.


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Please note:
Once you've received a reply from after contacting me please send your replies by using the Reply button in your email software, instead of creating a new email.
I receive hundreds of emails a week & lose track of who I'm talking to & about what.
If emails have been sent using Reply I can see what we've been talking about in the past.
[I receive hundreds of emails a week so may not be able to reply straight away].


Services: Icon design services


Using my existing icons: If you want to use an existing icon/icons on your web site, in your software etc.


General enquiries: Don't send questions about using icons, changing icons, using icons in MobyDock, Y'z Dock etc.
Check out my Tips & Info page for help with this. Don't send any other questions about changing icons.
If the answer isn't on the Tips page then I don't know.
If you send a question that's already answered on the Tips page then your email will be ignored.
Don't ask how to download the icons from my site. Try to work it our for yourself.
Don't send requests.




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