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Software Links

These are links to software used for making, editing, viewing, converting & changing icons.

  Adobe Illustrator   (Vector graphics software).

  Adobe Photoshop  (Graphics/image editing software).

  IconWorkshop  (Create, edit, view, make libraries, convert Icons to .PSD files/PNG files & convert .PSD files/PNG files to icons, convert multiple Mac OSX icons to windows format in one process, make icon snapshots. The best icon software there is).

  GIF Movie Gear  (the "for icons" version. Convert Icons to .PSD files & convert .PSD files to icons).

  IconBulider XP  (Photoshop plug-in for making icons).

  Microangelo  (Create, edit, view icons, make libraries).

GUIReplacer  (Handy program that replaces all the icons on your system using themes).

  Stuffit Expander (Uncompress .SIT files. Mac OSX icons are usually compressed with this format.

  IconPackager (Use IconPackager themes to change your default icons).

  Bee Icons (Use Bee Icons themes to change your default icons).

  E-Icons  (Change default icons).


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