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Please note:
Once you've received a reply after contacting me please send your replies by using the Reply button in your email software, instead of creating a new email.
I receive a large amount of emails a week & lose track of who I'm talking to & about what.
If emails have been sent using Reply I can see what we've been talking about in the past.
(As I receive a large amount of emails a week so may not be able to reply straight away).


Design services:
Icon design services

Icon use:
If you want to use an existing icon/icons on your web site, in your software etc.

General enquiries:
send questions about using icons, changing icons, using icons in MobyDock, Y'z Dock etc.
Check out my Help, Tips & FAQ page for help with this. Don't send any other questions about changing icons.
If the answer isn't on the Help page then I don't know.
If you send a question that's already answered on the Help page then your email will be ignored.
Don't send requests or suggestions (unless you're prepared to pay for them to be made).




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