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Pop ups are now used on this site for downloads & previews. If you are using a pop up blocker then alter the settings to allow pop ups on this site.
All the downloads & tutorials are now back.
In order to download icons you have to register. Registration is free & this is required to limit the amount bandwidth used by this site, & will (hopefully) keep my web site hosts happy. Big thanks to Nathan Legget for all his help getting the new site up & running!

14/1/04: iCandy Junior Firebird toolbar theme released. Toolbar theme created by Aaron Spuler for the Firebird browser. Check it out here .

21/12/03: iCandy Junior File Types released. Check them out here .

I'm won't be giving permission to use my icons to people for a while. It takes up a lot of time (which I don't have at the moment).
I'll still accept accept requests to use them commercially (for payment).

My icons are featured on the official Windows XP website. Take a look here.





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