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S o f t w a r e


Links for software to build web sites, for graphics, icons, utilities etc.


Web Site Editors/Utilities

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4  Considered the best web site creator/editor.

Microsoft FrontPage  Microsoft's web editor.

Adobe GoLive  Adobe's web editor.

Macromedia Flash 5  Create movies, animated buttons for your web site. A very versatile piece of software.

Style Master 2.1  Create Cascading Style Sheets without knowing how to code them, [WYSWYG editor.] You don't have to know how to code them, [very easy to use.]



Adobe Photoshop 6  The best graphics software around. [Click here to find out how to get Photoshop 6 cheaply.]

Paint Shop Pro 7  A very good graphics program. A lot cheaper than Photoshop. [Click here or here to download PSP7 full version for free.]

GIF Movie Gear  Make animated GIFs & also import/export icons to Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro.



Microangelo 5.5  Create, Edit & change standard icons & make icon libraries. [Click here or here to download Microangelo full version for free.]

Iconphile  Change standard file formats icons [e.g. change the .zip file icon for another.]

GIF Movie Gear  Import/export icons to Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro & also make animated GIFs.

IconBuilder XP 1.0  Plug-in to import/export icons using Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.



WS_FTP Pro 7.02  Upload your web site files to your webspace. [Click here or here to download WS_FTP Pro full version for free.]

Cute FTP  Same as above.



Want to recommend some software? email me & I'll add a link.




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