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O t h e r  L i n k s

Cracks, serial numbers, keygens, full version software, MP3s etc.
If you have trial/evaluation version software & want to stop them expiring, try searching for the serial number key generator or a crack file to stop it.



Good search engine for cracks, key generators & some full programs.


FOSI1  |  FOSI2  |  FOSI3

Full programs to download [if the 1st link doesn't work try the others.]


 Malc CDs  |  Malc CDs2

Great site [in UK] for CDs. Programs, games, music etc. (e.g. Windows XP, Office XP, Photoshop 6). Just send 5 per CD [through the post] ....Bargain! [Available to non UK residents.]


Serials 2000

A little program that has registration codes & serial numbers for thousands of programs.



Napster clone that works better.
Doesn't filter out songs, u can share other files [not just MP3s] & u can resume broken downloads.



Same as Morpheus.


 MP3 Hit List

ood MP3 site with top 40's from
all over the world, [couple of pop ups but not bad.]



Got any good links for me? email me & I'll add it here. Must be good links, not clicking & redirecting through 15 different sites full of pop ups!




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