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J a v a S c r i p t s

JavaScripts are small pieces of code that you add to your web page to add effects & useful utilities. Here are some used on my sites. Once you've download them open up the text file copy the text & go into HTML view in your web editor & paste the code where you'd like it to appear on the page.

Find lots more JavaScripts at A1 JavaScripts & JavaFile


Coloured scrollbars

Change the colours of your scrollbars,  [as used here.]


Image Preloader

Preload your rollover images so there's no delay when you hover your mouse over them, [as used on these save button pics.]


Screen Resolution

Show the user their screen resolution when entering your site, [for if you recommend a certain resolution for viewing your site.]


Screen Shaker Script

Make the whole screen shake at the push of a button, [used at FOOOD's ALIEN Temple & FOOOD's PREDATOR Trophy Room.]



Add your site to the viewers favourites, [used here.]


No Right Click

Stops viewers from right clicking on your site


Status Bar Text

Moving text in your status bar.


  Don't Underline Links

Underline links only when you hover the mouse over them, [as I do here.] This isn't actually JavaScript, it's a CSS [cascading style sheet.]





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