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M a i n


I'm no expert but...

Quite a few ppl ask me how to do stuff on my site [www.FOOOD.co.uk] so I though I'd add some tips.

You don't need to learn HTML at all, but getting to know a little would help. Check out the links section for web sites with tutorials on learning HTML.


We b  S p a c e

If you live in the UK you can register your site name for free at www.freenetname.co.uk [that's where I got www.FOOOD.co.uk for free.] You get your email address too [e.g. foood@foood.co.uk.] & 20Mb of web space.

You can also set up a dial-up account [just pay the local call charges] with www.tiscali.co.uk & get 50Mb of web space, [most give you between 10-20 Mb.] You only need to use it for the web space if you want. Just set up an account [you can do it online] upload your site & make sure you connect once in a while so they don't cancel your account, [if you upload stuff regularly it won't be a problem.]


D e s i g n

Try to keep it simple. It wont look so good if you clutter your pages up with too many pictures & stuff.



Got any tips I can add here? email them to me & I'll add them.





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