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A v P  2  [ M u l t i p l a y e r ]

Here's a tip when playing as the pred at A Lesser Fate against marines:

Go down into the water filled tunnel, destroy the smartgun & flick the power switch to knock out the lights. Hopefully they'll hear the lights go down & realise where you are, or just come down for the smartgun. After you've flicked the switch jump up onto the pipes & recloak [the water will have disabled your cloak.] Then wait for them to come to you (you won't show up on their motion tracker if you keep still). When they get close bag 'em with the net gun, then slice & dice 'em ;)

Don't run round cloaked with the shoulder cannon selected. Your laser can still be seen when cloaked so have another weapon selected until you have the marine in your sights. Then select the shoulder cannon & fire!

Turn away from the marine when you select the shoulder cannon so they don't see it's laser until it's too late ;)

Practice the super jump! You can jump up onto the the lights that stick out of the walls with a bit of practice [you don't just have to use the ladder & ramp to get up onto the next level.]

To jump onto the light run forwards looking straight ahead [not up] & when the light gets the top of the screen [as in the pic below] do the super jump [crouch & jump.] You'll land on top of the light.


Once you can get onto the light wait a second & super jump again up to the top of the level or wait for marines to pass by & pick them off ;)


To get across to middle [in the pic] jump down & get onto the step where the pred's sights are. Then press forward, crouch & jump to get up.


A good place to recharge the energy sift device is down in the water filler tunnel where you can't be seen.

Setup a key on your keyboard for the wristblades or spear that's handy to reach, so that when you've netted someone you can press the key to select the wristblades or spear to finish 'em off.

To kick a player in multiplayer press the talk [type] key, then type <serv> kick playername [replace playername with the name of the player you want to kick.]

[This tip by saundersteam]
  Don't use disc far away, it's easy to jump out of the way. Get near them and then use disc.

[These tips by DinoMike]
As a Predator vs. Alien use a disc on the Predalien, they are a little tougher then the Runner or Drone.
Use the plasmacaster on the Drone and Runner, they are a little faster the Predalien or Praetorian, and always use full charge.
Strafe when fighting them, press the right mouse, the lett rip.
I don't recommend use any tracking weapons on the Praetorian, It doesn't wall walk or pounce and runs pretty slow. I'd use the Predpistol, first stunning it with the Alt fire, then firing normal shots to kill it [it only takes two or three].
For a Queen, well everybody knows this method, stun her with the Predpistol, then use remote bombs.

As a Predator vs. human... well there are too many ways to kill a human so let me tell you my fave [unless he or she pisses me off then I just use disc or if I'm really mad I just kick 'em].
Netgun them then use remote bombs. First press (after you get them) Z or Q and go to the remote bombs then press Z just once and get the Netgun and find your self a human. After you net him or her press X to go back to the remote bombs, step back, and BOOM! They explode on contact and kill instantly, press 1 to get out your wristblades, get your skull and let out a lusty roar.



A v P  G o l d  [ M u l t i p l a y e r ]

P R E D A T O R  S y m b o l s

Here's the codes for the PREDATOR symbols in the game

Hold down the ALT key & type in these:







Note: After you've entered some you'll get the "Not Used" message but go into the game & they should show up there.


c o n t a c t  F O O O D

email FOOOD


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