A v P 2 [ M u l t i p l a y e r ]


Use the pounce sparingly. Instead of pouncing everywhere run more, so that when you need to use your pounce as an attack, you can. If your prey is on the level just above you crawl up the wall instead of pouncing so that when you reach them you have the pounce available. Instead of pouncing down to the next level to get to your prey crawl down, drop down or jump down. You'll then be able to use the pounce as soon as you're on the ground.

Use the pounce to jump across & up to levels when their isn't an enemy near, [you need to save the pounce so you can use it as an attack] unless your being shot at & your pouncing away from danger.

If you jump/fall/pounce towards an enemy & get disorientated as to where they are when you land, as soon you land start strafing [press the forward & right or left keys] so you start moving sideways. Keep looking around as you do this & when you get them in your sights move towards them. When you get close either pounce them or keep circling them using the claws.

If you pounce at your enemy from a distance [& you're not sure the pounce will be powerful enough to kill outright] use your claws as well as the pounce. It's a good idea to use the claws anyway. Even if you pounce & miss them slightly you can turn round in mid to keep facing them, thrashing your claws at the same time. As soon as you land strafe [circle] them using the claws.

Run pressing the wall walk key [or crouched] instead of straight up. You run faster crouched than up straight & are a smaller target to hit.

Run round the levels on the walls & ceilings instead of the floors. It'll be harder to be seen from the floor & the level above. If you find it disorientating on the walls & ceilings, practice & get used to it!

If a marine is on the next level above you & firing at you don't pounce up to their level. Crawl up the wall so your just underneath them [with the ledge shielding you from getting shot at] & wait for them to use up their ammo. Then when they're reloading crawl up & kill 'em ;)

The jump button in AvP2 is pretty useless so just use the pounce button. It is good for one thing tho'... When running along a ceiling & you want to jump down & carry on running in the same direction [if you're chasing someone] press the jump button & you'll flip over & keep running in the same direction.

To pounce really far look up at about 45 degrees & press the button, you'll a lot farther than if you just look ahead.

If you pounce at someone & jump over the top of them try to tail whip 'em as u fly by to stun them, then as you land turn round & headbite 'em ;)

If you're running along the ground & look up at the ceiling & press pounce you'll jump & stick to the ceiling but turn round to face the other way. So if you want run forwards jump up onto the ceiling & carry on running on the ceiling in the same direction you have to turn your mouse just after you've pressed the pounce button. It's the same for jumping to the ground from the ceiling, you'll turn round to face the other way so turn your mouse just after you've pressed pounce.

Turning round 180 degrees will be good for if you're running along a ceiling pounce to the ground just past someone, you'll be facing the right way to go for the headbite ;)

The tail is now used to stun players, it won't kill them. Stun them with the tail then go for the headbite ;)

To use the pounce as an attack make sure you're fairly close to your prey, & make sure you aim pretty good.

If you're running along the ground straight at your victim, either zig-zag (so you're harder to hit & to avoid the pred's shoulder cannon lock) or try to leap up in the air so that you land right in front of them [or behind them.]

To kick a player in multiplayer press the talk (type) key, then type <serv> kick playername [replace playername with the name of the player you want to kick.]

To type a message that only one person will see use <their name> in the message. e.g. to type a message that only I would see type <FOOOD> Hi FOOOD how's it goin?

Destroy the marine's & pred's weapons & pick ups as you run past them.

[Thanks to EclipticNight for sending in some tips :)]



A v P G o l d ( M u l t i p l a y e r )


  K e y  B i n d i n g

Ever wondered how players type so fast or repeat typed words so quickly? They're binding keys.

Here's how: Go into the multiplayer game [u don't have to go online to do this, u can start the game, go to Multiplayer, select TCP/IP, Host New Game, then click on Start.] Press the console key [the one below the escape key, to the left of the number 1 key] & type [in capitals] BIND S SAY SHIT! press enter, then press the console key again. Now every time u press the S key it'll type SHIT! for u. Another example, BIND O SAY OUCH! then every time u press the O key it'll type OUCH! for u [u don't have to use the S key for SHIT! or the O key for OUCH! u can use whatever keys u like, I jus' do it like that so it's easier to remember my key binds.]
U can use a different letter for each word or sentence, u can use all the letters & numbers on the keyboard but none of the other characters e.g. ; ' # , / . To remove a key bind just type UNBIND S [if you're removing the S key bind.] If u want to back up your key bindings, go to your AvP folder & backup the CONFIG.CFG file. To seee who the player is in front of you type BIND D ID_PLAYER Then every time u press the D key it'll show who it is in front of u [thanx for that one Hell Spawn.]


  A v P  S y m b o l s 

To get the symbols next to your name in the game go to Player Name in Multiplayer, Hold down the ALT key & type 0176 for teeth, 0152 for claws & 0151 for tail [some will show up as not used but don't worry, they'll show up in the game.] U can use them when you type messages as well. If you want to know the other codes for the Marine & Pred contact me [I can't be arsed to put them in here!] You can seee all the different symbols here


  U s i n g  t h e  A L I E N

If u hold the tail button for a few seconds it charges it up & makes it more powerful! Keep it charged all the time! Then when you're ready to kill, jus' let it go.

Try to keep crouched most of the time. That way you're ready to pounce or jump up to another level. You're a smaller target to hit as well.

Try to crawl on the ceiling most of the time, you're a harder target to kill up there then if you're running straight at em'!

If u catch fire run around [& jump] instead of standing round waiting to die, it'll put the flames our quicker.

When chasing after a victim, run crouched & keep the jump button pressed. You'll go alot faster bouncing [but loook at bit daft!....Doh!]

Here is a move that's REALLY effective once you master it! It's similar to the leaping tail whip, only instead of tail whipping, you head bite. What you have to do is center your view while crouched, jump & then there's a certain point to where the jaws line up so you must be quick. Once you master it [after which it's still pretty hard to do] you'll take out Preds pretty easily!

This one's kind good for dodging the Pred's pistol. Basically all you do is jump wall to wall horizontally like the ALIEN did in ALIENS. Or better still, jump vertically above your opponent and give them a tail whip and head bite!

The simple cat and mouse game. Lead your prey into a trap by running away & stopping around a corner. When they come around the corner hit em' with the tail! Hehe! [Thanx to Fate's Destiny for those!]

Destroy the Marine's weapons & health, & the Pred's energy [a Marine can't shooot u with the mini-gun if you've destroyed it!.] To destroy the flamethrower run up to it [with the tail charged] tail whip it, then run backwards straight away! [if u do it right you'll destroy the flamethrower without setting yourself on fire!]

Practice jumping from crouched position! [& the angle which u jump at.] At the Meat Factory level crouch down next to the truck, & try jump up through the window of the floor above. It's coool to seee a marine at the window, jump up through the window & tail whip him! hehe! ;) 

When running along the ceiling press jump [while still running] to flip over onto the floor & carry on running, (handy when u seee someone to chase after!).


  M a r i n e s

Marines are easy to kill!, just whip em with the tail [charged up] or go straight for the headbite!


  P R E D A T O R S

Preds are tougher than marines, so u neeed to whip em more than once with the tail. If a pred's stood still, try to line up your head bite as you're whipping him with the tail. If he's using the pistol crouch down & leap at him, tail whip & move back out the way, keeep doin' it till he's dead. If a Predator's using the spear gun, try to get round to the side of him [or round the back of him] & tail whip him [charged up.]  Keep moving around & use the claws as well [keep the button pressed all the time] to try to tear him into bits. If a Pred is using the Disc, try to run right at him, bank sharply to the right, [the disc for some reason swings out to the right of the pred] & get behind the pred, because of the disc coming at u! Once the disc is caught by the pred you can headbite or tail whip him.
[Thanx for the new tips Maximillion]


  A L I E N S

I don't really like killin' ALIENS, [not even in deathmatch] but if they keeep gettin u, then u gotta get them aven't u? ALIENS are weak! Whip them with the tail tooo. Don't bother trying for the head bite, it don't work on ALIENS. If you're fighting an ALIEN 1 on 1 u usually get in a situation where your facing the other ALIEN & keep jousting each other, try leaping at em' & tail whipping them when u get near em'. If they leap at u jump over them or move sideways out the way [if you stand & tail whip them, they'll probably tail whip u at the same time.] If u do jump over them try tail whipping them in mid air or if you've jumped over the top of em' & you're behind em' turn round & tail whip em' [u can even turn round while you're flying through the air so you're ready to tail whip em' when u land.]








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