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ALIEN Sounds


Most of the sounds are in .WAV format, [the odd one might be in .MP3 format.] I'll keep adding more sounds when I get the time.


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  Taunt 1


  Taunt 2


  Shoulder cannon 1


  Shoulder cannon 2


  Clicks 1


  Clicks 2




  Death 1


  Death 2




  Pain 1


  Pain 2


  Pred body gib


  Pred head gib









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  Taunt 1


  Taunt 2


  Change vision mode


  Vision active


  Clicks 1


  Clicks 2


  Cloak on


  Cloak off


  Zoom in


  Zoom out


  Blades out



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  Anytime! (PREDATOR)


  Anytime! 2 (PREDATOR)


  Over here! (PREDATOR)


  Turn around (PREDATOR)


  Shoulder cannon


  Predator healing


  If it bleeds we can kill it!


  Self destruct laugh (PREDATOR)


  Self destruct laugh 2 (PREDATOR)


  Payback time!


  What the hell are you?


  What the hell are you? (PREDATOR)


  There's something out there waiting for us... & it 'aint no man


  I see you


  Just you & me



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  Want some candy? (PREDATOR)


  Danny boy! (PREDATOR)


  Door swings both ways my ass!


  Predator gets exited


  Shit happens! (PREDATOR)


  Mutherfucker! (PREDATOR)

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