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ALIEN Resurrection


The sounds are all in .wav format. I'll keep adding more sounds when I get the time.


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  Attack 1


  Attack 2


  Death 1


  Death 2


  Death 3


  Death 4


  Hiss 1


  Hiss 2


  Pain 1


  Pain 2


  Taunt 1


  Taunt 2




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  ALIEN death 1


  ALIEN death 2


  ALIEN death 3




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  This thing bled acid, who knows what it gonna do when it's dead


  ...exploded from the inside


  ...wonderful defence mechanism... you don't dare kill it


  ...it's full of leathery objects, like eggs or something


  The emergency destruct system is now activated


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  5 metres, 4, what the hell?


  Another glorious day in the core...


  ...assholes & elbows


  ...bug hunt


  Eat this!


  ...fetch you're slippers for you?


  ...for close encounters


  Forget him he's gone!


  ...game over


  Get away from her you bitch!


  Hudson's death


  I got signals in front & behind!


  Jesus Christ Apone, what is going on?


  Lets get the fuck outta here!


  Lets rock!


  Looks like some sort of secreted resin...


  Marines we are leaving!




  Motion tracker


  Multiple signals




  Signal's clean


  Stop your grinnin & drop you're linen


  They're closing


  ...there's movement all over the place


   They cut the power...


  ...we just got our asses kicked!


  Where's Apone?


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  This is rumour control...


  It's an 8 foot creature of some kind...


  You're all gonna die...


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  Something of a predator isn't she?


  Who are you?








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