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Few more tips added in the er... Tips section

This site's now affiliated with The Yautja Hunting Lair

Few more pics added in the Pics [Artwork] section

From now on I won't be answering any more emails sent to my old address [foood@foood.co.uk]
Please send emails to foood@foood.net or fooodnet@hotmail.com

As you'll have gathered AvPNews has closed [hopefully temporarily.] Please sign the petition to keep the best AvP site there is open. Check out the petition here

Few more pics added

As you'll have realised this site has moved. Please update your favourites/bookmarks [link on the right hand menu.]
Also note my new email address [foood@foood.net.]

New wallpaper added in the Pictures [Wallpaper] section by Mjolnir

Lots more PREDATOR [the original] movie screenshots added to the Movie Pictures section

Lots more PREDATOR 2 movie screenshots added to the Movie Pictures section

Few more pics added to the Pictures section

AvP2 PREDATOR tips updated

AvP2 PREDATOR sounds added

Sounds section added

AvP Gold PREDATOR symbols are in the Tips section






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