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Few more PREDATOR tips added over as the PREDATOR site

For some strange reason someone asked for Primal Hunt icons [even tho' it isn't out for a while yet]. So here are some & they can be found in the Downloads section

This site's now affiliated with The Yautja Hunting Lair

I've made a page on how I'd like the ALIEN to look/sound/behave ect. in any future mod, expansion pack or new game. Take a look here
I'll keep altering & updating it, so keep checking back ;)
If you have any ideas you can send them to me. If I like them I might add them. If I don't, I wont :)

From now on I won't be answering any more emails sent to my old address [foood@foood.co.uk]
Please send emails to foood@foood.net or fooodnet@hotmail.com 

This site's now affiliated with The Lost Labs

Few more pics added at the PREDATOR site

As you'll have realised this site has moved. Please update your favourites/bookmarks [link on the right hand menu]
Also note my new email address [foood@foood.net]

AvP XP Icons updated/touched up & some new ones added at the Downloads section

New AvP2 icons added at the Downloads section

Icon tutorial & basic website tips sections added

AvP XP folder style icons added at the Downloads section

ALIEN & PREDATOR pictures sections updated



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I can usually be found lurking on Gamespy Arcade  
I'm not in any clan, there's jus' so many clans out there (goood & bad). I jus' prefer to have buddies. 

On this site you'll find Tips, Links, Downloads, Themes, Wallpapers, Fonts, Sound Packs, Pictures, Screenshots & more.

If u wanna play me, want some tips on using the ALIEN, or have some tips on using the ALIEN for me. You can contact me using the link on the left menu.

I'll add more stuff to the site when I get time (or when I can be arsed!)












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