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This is how I think the ALIEN should be in any future mods, expansion packs or even AvP3 [if it's ever made].
The way I've thought it out is that you'd have a lot more abilities, but wouldn't have a lot more keys to use. You'd combine keys, [e.g. crouch & jump] & be able to perform different abilities in different situations depending on what you're facing at the time, [e.g. ram, smash, pounce, hide/hibernate, feed etc.]

A few people have made their own 'wish lists' [Daemos is doing a good job] for how they'd like the ALIEN to be.
I agree with some things they want & disagree with other things, so I thought I'd write my own. When you read this you might like some of the ideas & dislike other ideas, but they're what I'd like to see in a new game or mod.
Good news; A lot of these feature & abilities I'd like will be included in the forthcoming mods:

AMP's Cancer Black [AvP Gold]

AXP: Siege [AvP2]



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The ALIENS are tall, slimy, silent & very strong.


The ALIENS should be a little taller than the current ones in AvP2. Monolith probably made them correct height [7-8 feet] but when playing as the  ALIEN you look down on the marines, but don't seem to tower over them.
Make 'em a little taller


They should be more slimy. You should be able to see slime dripping off them as you get closer.


They should stand more upright than in AvP2. They shouldn't be so crouched & hunched over when they're standing normally. This pre-release pic [below] shows the ALIEN in a more upright position.

  [click to see a larger image]


Tri-Jointed Legs:
They should have tri-jointed legs instead of the normal 'human type' legs & feet.

  [click to see a larger image]


Six fingered with two sets joined together.

[click to see a larger image]


Fish-Eye Vision:
Bring back the fish-eye vision for that 'ALIEN like' feel

[click to see a larger image]


Different Navigation View:
The ALIEN's perfect environment is the dark, & playing as the ALIEN should be comfortable in both navigation modes [normal & navigation].
Normal view should stay as it is now, but the navigation view in both games [AvP Gold & AvP2] restrict you to only seeing your immediate surroundings [not very far] & don't highlight other species.
Navigation view could be changed so that it's the same as normal view [you can see other species & far into the distance] but the edges of surfaces & objects are highlighted with a glow or aura, enabling you to move with ease in the dark. You'd still only use navigation view when it's really dark, & normal view when it's light enough to see normally [it'd be a pain to only use navigation view].
The mock up pics below look a bit 'tron' like but the navigation vision could be made to look a lot better ;)


normal view navigation view
[click to see larger images]  



Pheromone Trails:
It would be good to be able to press a key & see pheromone trails from marines & preds. The trail would er... trail between 10 - 20 metres behind them as a thin aura [same colours for each species as they are now].
You could press the pheromone key, see a trail leading through a doorway, then release the pheromone key [to go back to normal view] & head off in that direction. The ALIENS don't have have eyes so they smell & hear very well. Pheromone trails could be a way of knowing where someone is [which direction] without actually being able to see them.
Press the pheromone key to reveal the pheromone trails. Release the pheromone key to return to normal view [hides the pheromone trails]


[click to see larger images]  



  • Enhanced hearing, can hear footsteps, gunfire, reloading etc. from far away. Sounds should be heard with echo [like when you see/hear from the ALIEN's viewpoint in ALIEN 3]

  • Hisses when it's about to headbite [Same as AvP2]

  • Screams when it rams a door or grate

  • Keep the footstep sounds [stood up] from AvP2

  • Improve the footsteps sound when running crouched/wallcrawling

  • Use proper sounds/hisses from the movies

  • Remove the awful pounce sound

  • One of the ALIEN's taunts sounds like you're running naked through a wind tunnel with a crash helmet on! Remove it!
    [don't ask me how I know what that sounds like ]




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ALIENS should be fast. Faster than in AvP2 but not quite as fast as in AvP Gold.
They weren't really that fast in the movie ALIENS but for the purposes of the game they should be fast. With all the long range & targeting weapons that the humans & preds have the ALIENS should be able to get to its prey [running] as quick as a flash.

  • Running on two legs: Twice as fast as marines.

  • Running on all fours [crouched/wallcrawling]: 5 - 6 times faster than a marine runs.


Same as in AvP Gold [no time delay & no separate jump & pounce keys].

  • Normal Jump: Small jump, [for jumping onto boxes, small ledges etc.]

  • Crouched Jump: Long jump, [for jumping onto walls/ceilings etc.]

  • Crouched Running Jump: Very long, [for covering large distances & reaching prey]

  • If jumping/pouncing from the ceiling to the floor you should flip over & still face the same way as you were when you were on the ceiling [not like in AvP2].
    Monolith argued that in real life if you jumped from the ceiling to the floor you'd be facing the other way.
    Well this isn't real life, it's a fictional ALIEN in a game. So for the purposes of the game, make 'em face the same way


More or less the same as in AvP Gold. Smooth, does not snap to a new surface [as in AvP2].


In AvP2 your view immediately snaps to the new surface making is disorientating & crappy


The view should rise higher & fall lower but keep looking forwards over smaller undulations [pipes, tables, small ledges, boxes etc.] It should only change when walking onto a new wall surface [e.g. wall to ceiling, ceiling to wall, floor to wall etc.] & larger boxes & objects.

[excuse the crappy pics, but you should get the idea from them ]

Fix the problem in AvP2 where if you jump at a surface & try to stick to it you bounce off


Could show the front claws on the surface in front if you look forward when wallcrawling, [see pic below].

[click to see a larger image]




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Same as now but punches a hole in the head instead of taking off the whole head.
Centre the head in the middle of the screen & press fire button 1


Auto targeting [as in AvP Gold] but stuns instead of kills [as in AvP2].
Press fire button 2, hold to charge it.


Instead of slashing & clawing as a dead body to regenerate health, [as well as the headbite] the ALIEN should grab a chunk of flesh bring it to it's mouth, & the teeth chomp down on it. So it looks like you're actually eating it
Get close to a body, crouch & press fire button 1.

[click to see larger images]  


Hand Smash:
Works like the door smash in AvP2 but only suitable for smashing smaller things e.g. grates, control panels, switch boxes etc. Not too noisy so won't attract too much attention.
Hands become visible to show something can be smashed. Press fire button 1 to smash the object.

[click to see  larger images]  


Works like the hand smash in AvP2 but is more powerful, [more suitable for doors & heavier grates etc. but will still work for smaller objects]. The ram ability is noisy so may attract attention. You launch yourself at the door & smash it with your head letting out a scream as you do it. Here's how it should work:

You press the ram button & if the ALIEN is standing it drops on all fours.
It rocks back slightly putting it's weight on it's back legs & it's front claws are almost gripping the floor as if it's charging up.
As it's doing this it drops it's head down so that it's mouth is facing the floor & the top it's head is parallel with the door. Then Bam!!! [This would all happen quickly]

Hands become visible to show something can be smashed. Crouch & press forward & jump to ram the door with your head.

[The position of the ALIEN just before it rams the door]

crouched more upright
[click to see  larger images]  


Works like the ram ability but on marines/preds. Pounce should only stun marines/preds, not gib them into a hundred pieces. The closer you are to the marine the longer they're stunned & damaged. The pounce should be silent, [not like in AvP2].
Hands become visible to show a marine/pred can be pounced. Crouch & press forward & jump to ram the marine with your head. [You could cancel the pounce ability by pressing & holding the tail, so that you can leap at a marine & stun them with the tail].

[Hands appear to show you can pounce at your prey]

[click to see a larger image]


You should be able to grab a marine & drag it away to either feed on or cocoon. You could cocoon the marine for a facehugger to er... facehug it, or cocoon the marine & go back later to feed on.

Here's how it could work:

First you have to stun the marine either with the tail or pounce. Then press the grab/cocoon key. You reach forward, grab the marine by the head & pull it towards you. You can then either:

  • Drag the marine off to safety & eat it.

  • Drag it away, then point at a wall, ceiling or floor & press the grab/cocoon key again to cocoon it to that surface & leave it for a facehugger.

  • Drag it away, then point at a wall, ceiling or floor & press the grab/cocoon key again to cocoon it to that surface to save as energy replenishing food.

The marine would be helpless but would be able to see you carry him away. He could be able to taunt [to call for help] & other marines could try to kill the ALIEN & cut the marine free [trying not to shoot the marine in the process]. The marine player could have to wait for 60 seconds then be able to choose to respawn or carry on waiting to see if he's rescued.



[click to see larger images]




[click to see larger images]



[click to see a larger image]


The ALIEN should be able to blend in with the background if clinging to a wall or ceiling & staying still for five seconds or more. It should only work on hived & secreted areas. They shouldn't show up on the motion tracker but should be able to be seen by marines/preds only if looked at very closely, [it should more or less blend in with the background & not show up in the preds ALIEN vision].
Keep still & the crouch button pressed on hived/secreted area for five seconds or more to activate.

[click to see a larger image]


Acid Spit:
Should never be in the game... ever!




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I'd like these to be possible in single & multiplayer.

I'd like to play as the ALIEN where you can creep up on a few marines, drop down grab one of them & drag them away screaming & kicking while the other marines fire wildly trying to shoot you, [the ALIEN] whilst trying not to hit the marine you've grabbed.

They'd see you drag the marine high up a wall or into a vent & try to find out where you've gone, to try & rescue their friend.

[click to see a larger image]

Imagine a group of marines fleeing from ALIENS. They enter a room & one marine closes the door & frantically tries to weld it shut, while another tries to hack open another door.
Then Thump!, Thump!, Thump! as an ALIEN starts to ram the door down! Hehe!
Or they're welding the door shut & the ALIENS burst through the ceiling

You can grab a marine, drag it away & cocoon for other ALIEN players who've started out as facehuggers. You take the marine back to the hive & cocoon it for them to facehug.

You should be able to help & be helped by other AI ALIENS in single player. Not just turn a corner & see scripted events of them being killed. You should be able to take on a large group of marines with AI ALIENS helping you by circling them & picking off the marines. You could hear a cry for help from another ALIEN that's been trapped & go to rescue it etc...

The marine AI in AvP2 is shite when playing as the ALIEN! You can be really far away from a marine, on the ceiling, lurking in the shadows & if you're in his line of vision [he's facing you] he starts firing!
It's almost impossible to creep up in them.

I like how it works in AvP Gold. You can crawl right above them in dark situations, drop down, wipe them out & crawl back into the shadows while the others come running


Multiplayer levels that are like large buildings or space stations [instead of arenas].
Large buildings with for example barracks, mess hall, showers, ammunition stock room, training room, medical rooms etc. All connected by corridors & air vents. Levels more like the single player Invasion level from AvP Gold & less like A Lesser Fate [AvP2]. Doors that actually lead somewhere.

There'd be more emphasis on the marines to set sentry guns, try to reach security rooms & switch on defence barricades, weld doors shut behind them etc. And more emphasis on the ALIENS to break down the welded doors, cut the power, burst into a room & drag one of the marines away etc...
Less emphasis on quakefests!

There should be more larger rooms & taller buildings so that you can take advantage of your wallwalking abilities. You need to be able to stay out of sight & keep crawling down to where the marines are picking one or two of them off at a time.  There are quite a few corridors [with low ceilings] in AvP2 that have no vents, where you basically have to run down the corridors straight at the marines with no way of creeping up on them.

Put barbed wire at the top of the buildings instead of halfway down & make the buildings taller so that you can climb near the top to try to keep out of sight. You crawl up a wall to try to keep out of sight & end up being killed half the time in AvP2 because the barbed wire is halfway down the wall. It makes you 'try to hide' six foot up a wall

Multiplayer Underwater:
There should be some proper underwater areas for multiplayer. Recreate an area in the level [not a full level underwater] similar the the underwater scene in ALIEN Resurrection. The abilities could be similar to the way they are in AvP2 single player.

  • ALIENS: Fast swimmers, don't breath so don't need oxygen, slash & headbite attacks [tail used for swimming].
  • PREDATORS: Slow swimmers but because they have the mask they can stay under for quite a while. Limited weapons: claws, stick, speargun, no electrical weapons.
  • Marines: Slightly faster swimmers than the PREDS [preds are heavier than marines] but can't stay underwater for too long [need to come up for air quite often]. Limited weapons: knife, grenade launcher [from pulse rifle], grenade launcher, rocket launcher.




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Action Button/Buttons Description
Crouch One button for both crouch & wallwalk
Jump Small jump, [for jumping onto boxes, small ledges etc.]
Big Jump
Crouch + Jump Larger jump, [for jumping onto walls/ceilings etc.]
Super Jump
Crouch + Run + Jump Biggest jump, [for covering large distances & reaching prey]
Fire button 1 Punches a hole in the head. [Centre the head in the middle of the screen]
Fire button 1 Slashes when you don't have the head centered
Fire button 2 Stuns, auto targeting. [Press & hold to charge it]
Crouch + Fire button 1 Grab dead body parts & eat to regenerate health, [as well as the headbite]
Hand Smash
Fire button 1 Hands appear to show you can smash something. [Not too loud, doesn't attract too much attention]
Crouch + Fwd + Jump Hands appear to show you can smash something. Much more powerful than the hand smash. [Quite loud, may attract attention]
Crouch + Fwd + Jump Hands appear to show you can pounce at someone. Stuns & causes small amount of damage. Press tail button to deactivate, [so you can leap at them & tail whip them]
Grab/Cocoon Stun a victim then press the grab/cocoon key to grab. Press again to cocoon.
Pheromone Trails
Pheromone button Press the pheromone key to reveal the pheromone trails. Release the pheromone key to return to normal view [hides the pheromone trails]
Keep still & crouch [Hold for 5 sec's or more] Will blend in [almost completely] with the background. [Only works on hived & secreted areas]

[You could of course use more buttons for the actions, but I just thought it simplified it more to use combinations & less keys]