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AvP News  The BEST AvP site there is!, news, tips, files, the lot!


Planet AvP  Gamespy's AvP Site


ALIENS Online Encyclopedia  Everything u ever wanted to know about ALIENS (& coming soon The PREDATOR Encyclopedia)


AvP2.net  News, essays, forums & more


The Alien Web Site  Good web site with loads of information, pics, sounds, themes & a lot more (in Spanish, but easy to find stuff even u don't speak Spanish)




Hive Masters: Coool UK  ALIEN  clan


BADKAT'S GAME PAGE  Another goood AvP site, by BADKAT


AvP Planet  Nice site (in German, I think LOL!)


AvP2Files.com  A good site for AvP er.... files


Hicks' Alien Page  Nice German site (this leads to the English section)


AvPNews Clan  The clan for er... AvPNews


Revelation 6:8  AvP2 clan


Species Slayers  All species clan


ALIENS Kodukas


Dropship  AvP site (in Spanish)



F o r u m s

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AvP Forum  Forum with goood AvP section. Go to the Aliens Vs Predator: General section


ALIENS Vs PREDATOR Center   Check out the rest of the site too



M o v i e s

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H. R. Giger  The creator of the ALIEN


Fiorina 162  Very nice site dedicated to the movie ALIEN 3 (in Polish but nice to look at)



M o d s

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 Cancer Black  AMP AvP Gold mission pack mod


AXP: SIEGE  AvP2 mod that sounds like it's going to add most of the features that people have been actually asking for :)


AO2: Encounter  AvP2 mod that's recreating & updating the old game ALIENS Online



S o f t w a r e

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WinRez  Program to import/export sounds, graphics & textures from AvP2


Leadworks  Programs such as Level Editor, Fastfile Explorer, Fastfile Backup, Patch Installer etc.


Gamespy Arcade  Software for playing AvP Gold & AvP 2 multiplayer online








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AvP News
Planet AvP
ALIENS Online Encylopedia
Hive Masters
The ALIEN Web Site
Fiorina 161
AvP Center
AvP Planet
Skull Collector's Lair
AvPNews Clan
Revelation 6:8
Species Slayers
Aliens v Predator
Cunning Play
Red Polynesian Dragons
The Lost Labs
The Terminator Zone
The Yautja Hunting Lair
Hells UK Destroyers Clan
ALIENS Kodukas
Xencaster's ALIEN Page
Renegade's AvP Site

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